A very common behavior of retailers of some mattress store in Santos is to invest in the presentation, making the exposed mattress very eye catching. Although the look of the product is important, ensuring that it is comfortable and does not cause injury or back pain is critical. So before you buy a new mattress, evaluate some items.

Main Types of Mattress

Just as important as following the tips we brought in when deciding between one of the products for sale at a mattress store knows the most popular types of this product. For this, we have brought a list of the products that can be found in any specialized establishment and its main characteristics.

Polyurethane Foam

Made of foam, its density and height can vary according to the person’s biotype. It is cheaper than the model of springs and lasts on average five years.

Bonnel Type Spring

Mattresses made of steel springs interlaced and covered with a thin layer of foam. They are more suitable for singles, support up to 150 pounds and last for an average of 10 years.

Bagged Springs

Here the barrel-shaped steel wire springs are bagged individually. They are also actuated individually, keeping the surface where there is not very stable pressure. They support up to 150 pounds, have an average duration of 10 years, but their value is more expensive than a mattress type Bonnel springs.


They do not deform with the weight of the body, because the foam that composes it molds to different biotypes. However, some people may have difficulty adapting to them, especially in the first few weeks.


This type of mattress is made of synthetic material, derived from rubber. Very soft, does not heat and lasts an average of five years.


Criticized by some, loved by others, the orthopedic mattress is tougher thanks to a wooden board between the layers of foam. Its durability revolves around ten years.

With all the tips we brought here, choosing the best product on your next visit to a mattress store for cyber Monday mattress sale will be so much easier.