Rejuven Eye Max

Rejuven Eye MaxRejuven Eye Max

All the wisdom that comes with age is indeed a blessing but if I was to choose from aging, wisdom and youth, I guess I would settle in the middle, with a little bit of both. Being a woman, appearance may not be everything but it surely plays a role. I work in Fashion and Events and in my line of work, keeping appearance is integral. So, when wrinkles started appearing on the corners of my eyes, I couldn’t believe that I was really that old!! It’s not shallow to love your youthful appearance because the face is the part of the body that we should very much love and accept. So, the wrinkles were quite unsettling for me but thanks to my derma’s advice, I managed to get rid of them with Rejuven Eye Max.

What Does it Do?

It is a cream based formula for preventing wrinkles synthesis within the skin. It develops the skin cells and keeps them strong and healthy and prevents them from any anti aging damage that free radical cells cause. It enables enhancement of collagen within the skin.

Rejuven Eye Max Ingredients

It contains a lot of antioxidants and Matrixyl 3000 which is a moisturizing peptide.

How Does it Work?

The antioxidants enable the strength and shield of the skin cells against free radicals and form a protective layer. These also improve the elastin within the connective tissue of the cells and advance the self-repair ability of the skin cells. This concludes into high collagen production and skin cells getting a longer life. Also, Matrixyl 3000 moisturizes all layers of the skin deeply, keeps environmental drying damage at bay and nourishes the skin.

Rejuven Eye Max working

How effective is Rejuven Eye Max?

Given the ingredients, the formula is quite promising and that’s not true just in theory but also practically. My results were great and within only a month, I felt so much younger than ever because my face looked visibly free of crow’s feet.

Comparison with others

I personally don’t like serums and oils as I have acne prone skin and they are too concentrated for my skin. I have often endured breakouts as reaction to several similar products. But with this one, I neither had any breakouts or other side effects. Comparatively, I prefer this cream.

Rejuven Eye Max Side Effects?

No, in my experience of using it for almost 7 months, I never had any side effects.

Application Instructions

It is quite easy to use and doesn’t take much time to absorb. Just wash your face and use it every morning and evening and don’t forget to dab it properly on your neck area too. Also, you can use makeup over it as well but there is no need to use additional moisturizer to the skin once you have applied it

Things you should Know about it

The cream is a hypoallergenic, free of Parabens and chemical preservatives. It is also carcinogen free and is healthy for application on all skin types.

Rejuven Eye Max benefits

Does it Really Work?

Yes, Rejuven Eye Max is really feasible at improving the appearance and ridding the face of the wrinkles. Actually, it is the consistency that doesn’t leave any residue on the face and makes the skin feel smooth on touching even though the cream gets absorbed so well. Moreover, it shows results from the first day of application itself since I noticed great radiance results on my face when I began applying it. It blends really greatly into my markup and I have never had an adverse consequence.


  • No miserable fragrance
  • Good consistency for acne prone skin, doesn’t feel too oily or too drying
  • Absorbs fast into the skin
  • Gives real wrinkle declining results
  • Tested ingredients with real and healthy results
  • Safety and purity guaranteed
  • Suggested for all skin types


  • I can’t say if the formula would work for people with other skin types
  • Full list of ingredients is not given
  • Those with dry skin may not find the consistency suitable
  • No retail availability

Where to Order?

You can make orders for the sample or paid bottle from the official website of Rejuven Eye Max.

Personal Experience

It has been 7 months since I started using this cream. It has done wonders for my skin and now, it doesn’t feel so lifeless like it used to. My skin feels fresh, full of life, so smooth and natural. In fact, my skin looks far younger than my real age and I have lost the crow’s feet and wrinkles from around my mouth. My husband always said that I have a great smile but my smile wrinkles overshadowed it but now, I look 10 years younger and can’t stop smiling at this perfect age deception!

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